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Japanese Masking Tape - Beige Check

These single rolls of masking tape have given a lot of you a nice thick bands of tape to work with.For those of you just exploring the thick rolls, here are some of the ideas that others have shared with me:
Border the front of your dresser drawers for a quick facelift, border a boring frame to give it a stronger presence, border the backs of your envelopes, and my favorite - border clear, rectangular vases to add spice to your centerpieces. A florist I work with bought up a bunch for a baby show and a child's birthday she was decorating. She said her vases never looked so good and the tape is totally water resistant!
What more can I say but, have fun!!

1½" wide x 50' long
1 roll.
Mark's Japan.

$ 8.00

Sold out. Please contact us for special order information.

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