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Japanese Masking Tape - Eiffel Tower Yellow

This fantastic Japanese masking tape is a perfect addition to our website! The masking tape is hugely popular in Japan and has been making the arts & crafts blog circuit in the States. The tape is made by one company in Japan that specializes in masking tape for many decades. One day, the idea came to make the tape colored and a new fad is born! The tape is made with Japanese washi paper (a fabric like traditional paper) which has been coated. The masking tape is unique in that it can be pulled on and off numerous times and leaves no residue or paper tears. A perfect and fun way to adorn any gift, lunch bag, or scrapbook. I'm sure you'll think of many more uses!

Each roll is½" wide x 50 feet long.
3 rolls of masking tape.
Mark's Japan.

$ 10.00

Sold out. Please contact us for special order information.

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