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Purses & Shoes Puffy Stickers

A match made in heaven: turquoise polka-dot shoes with it matching purse! Or find it in pink, if that's more your color. But seriously, I have a very distressing shoe story from my travels to Japan, but have no fear, there is a happy ending! I have a size 9 foot in the US. Guess what? That's considered a very unlady-like, and rather monster-like, foot size in Japan. I found this out when I wanted to buy some amazing shoes only to have the salesgirl giggle at my foot size and try to explain that they didn't sell ANY shoes to fit my feet. Wow, what a slap to my feet! Well, I was on a shoe mission after that and finally found one pair that I loved and fit me. Only one! But sometimes, one is enough. I'm sure these stickers are one size fits all!

27 stickers.

$ 3.00

Sold out. Please contact us for special order information.

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