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Summer Geisha Dolls Ornament

We love going to Kyoto in the summer. At dusk, the river is surrounded by beautiful shimmering lights that float above the riverbank restaurants. People stroll along the warm riverbank and stop here and there to watch the view. It's a place where you can forget about all your adult life pressures and feel like a teenager again.
Maiko, Geisha in training, quickly walk by on summer evening as they head to their evening engagements. The pitter, patter of their wooden shoes always makes people's heads turn. You stare as they pass by with their makeup in place and not a bead of sweat on their foreheads. They are a unique sight in the heat of the summer eve.
The ornament is made of washi, Japanese paper, and placed on a wooden base. We have one on our mantle and I feel the summer fun of Kyoto every day!

** Each ornament has a slightly different configuration of geisha!! **


$ 3.00

Sold out. Please contact us for special order information.

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