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Enlightened Deserts Erasers

When you're next in Kyoto, you have to take a walk on the Path of Philosophy ("tetsugaku no michi"). It's at the foothills of the beautiful Kyoto mountains and when you make your way past the temple grounds, the actual path begins. It's a narrow two stone path along a small river bank. There are homes to the right and left with some small cafes and shops to cater to the visitors. The path starts to slope downhill and without any warning, it ends. You find yourself on a city sidewalk facing the first of many soft serve ice cream stands. This moment always makes me giggle; the end of the path of philosophy is lined with ice cream and treats! Suddenly, it all makes sense...

(Per Manufacturer, some desert erasers may seasonally vary, but all have a great Japanese twist!)

If ordering large quantities for party favors, please email me so we can expedite your order.

4 erasers and case.

$ 5.00

Sold out. Please contact us for special order information.

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