Fresh Ink

The Bar on Top

Oct 19, 2014

The Miyako Hotel in Kyoto is a special place. I went there on my second trip to Japan and loved it. I made that trip alone and the Hotel became my instant best friend. A few years later, I went back with my boyfriend. He proposed there and I said Yes. We've gone back as husband and wife and will go back again when we're sane (or insane) enough to make an international flight with two kids.

On one of our trips, Garo and I made it up to the Miyako bar lounge. I love jazz. It was a jazz, bar, lounge. I especially love jazz interpretations by Japanese musicians who love jazz way more than I do. So this was the place for me. A cocktail, followed by a glass of wine. Some assorted nuts next to a flickering candle. Over to the right, there's a view of ancient and modern worlds. Miyako hotel, bar. I love you.