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A Place to Inspire - ACCD

Sep 25, 2014

Art Center College of Design is affectionately called ACCD. If you've gone to Art Center, you can hear these clanging letters pronounced one ofter the other as a slightly tongue-twisiting acronym that's not meant to be said out loud, but nonetheless, is. A - C - C - D. There. Now you've said it too.

A few weeks ago, I decided to visit my old haunt for inspiration and walked onto campus only to find that I had gone on the last day of undergrad orientation. Oh my! I'd never been around so many post-high school aged people in my life. Or at least since I'd graduated high school. There was nervous giggling, guys sounding tough and cool, girls asking nervous questions like, "When are we supposed to turn these in?", and adult administrations trying to get students' attention by loudly clapping. I was whitnessing the start of a highly hormonal journey towards enlightened career decision making in the arts.

I wanted to stop time and say,
"It gets better. Don't be nervous." (To the girls standing and shifting their weight from one foot to the other.)
"It's just sex. Don't agonize over it. It'll happen." (To the guys cracking jokes and hoping they're liked.)
"Don't procrastinate. Time flies here and you'll fall behind fast." (To everyone.)
"Take a deep breath." (To myself.)

As I backed out of the crowds, I walked in search of some old spots that I'd spent time in. The coffee vending machines, the photo dept sofas, the film dept office, the concrete hallways, the art gallery. Like visiting any familiar place left behind, the luster of memory gives way to fading. But something wonderful may take its place. Like discovering Alexander Vidal's work in the student gallery. Like seeing a young student smile at the sight of Keith Haring's mural popping up the staircase. Art Center is a place for the new amidst the past.

Here are some moments from the day.