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National Stationery Show 2014 - A Look Back

Sep 22, 2014

There's nothing like being in New York City in May. Everything bustles of promise and new possibility. Us out-of-towners enter upon the scene having never shoveled snow or walked in frigid temperates. We saunter in at that lovely moment of awakening, birds chirping, buds blooming, and witnessing beauty all around. We get the best of all worlds. Until of course, May showers hit you. Then it's a wet, rushing into doorways, skidding on the sidewalk, NYC reality check!

In many ways, this is exactly what the National Stationery Show is like - beautiful and gritty, magical through hard work.

Having exhibited at NSS for the past three years and at Javits countless times for NY NOW (NY Gift), we know how to put on a show. At least we think we do, until we get our next best idea or next best plan or next best strategy at the show we're doing for the one coming up. Like any art form, once you learn the basics, you can grow, experiment, and hopefully find your own voice and vision. It takes time, but it's worth the investment.

Walking down the show aisle for the first time on the first day of set-up is a bit like unravelling a mystery. Will my crate be there? Who are my neighbors? Are my lights set up? Are the hard-walls correct? Once you set foot in your space, it's all action! The best part is when your partner in crime meets you in the booth and starts to make things happen. In my case, it's my ER doctor sister. She take time off her day job to work the shows with me - thanks sis! You'll see her in the pics below. The best part of doing these shows is not doing them alone. I've done that too. We'll talk more about that later. Basically, try not to do it.

Here are some setup photos and finished booth photos from our show this past May. Enjoy!

PS. Next up, being nominated for LOUIE Awards and Trendy's - the parties, the winning, the fun, and the long year in between.