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Daily Rituals - One

Sep 17, 2014

My life is a small, one person story. I'm in it and some reoccurring characters. There's nothing glamorous. No flopping, felt hats or big, black rimmed sunglasses. No pouting red lipstick and softly falling waves of brown hair. Nothing very mysterious or magical. But most certainly something personal and real.

Just to make clear the basic level of things in my life, let me share with you a daily ritual I've embraced called "Packing Lunch." Already from the title, I'm sure you guessed what this is all about, what it entails, and if you've ever indulged in this activity, you know there are some minor emotional archs as well.

The question that starts this game off is always, "What?" What to pack, what to make, what will get eaten, what will withstand lack of refrigeration, what will look appetising? The next question is, "Who?" I pack two lunches a day, one for my daughter and one for my husband. My daughter is five, in kindergarden, eats confusingly, and loves to hate the things she loved. My husband is in his forties (early), in work, eats anything, but has gourmet opinions if asked. These two along with the rotating contents of my fridge and pantry make "Packing Lunch" an exciting and challenging daily ritual.

For my daughter, I've made great investments in lunch containers, lunch boxes/lunch bags (whatever she may be correctly calling them at the time, as she feels like it, but is nonetheless the expert), small forks and spoons, cute bento containers with smiling monkeys, and an assortment of baggies that I sometimes adorn with Sharpie smiling faces.

For my husband, I've searched the world wide web intensively (thank you Amazon) and found a very impressive and masculine bento container that fits perfectly in his bike pouch, which he then rides unwaverengly the five and a half miles to work. This sleek, black, bento also has a side slot enrgonomically designed to hold chopsticks - which quite possibly makes everything packed inside more exciting during eating.

If you're wondering about some process and what these containers look like, I didn't want to hold back on photos. They should help illuminate this possibly confusing process of "Packing Lunch" I've been trying to explain (wink, wink).